The OnMark AGM System is deployed along the pipeline right of way spaced every 1 to 2km. This device, when active, looks for the magnetic signature produced by the strong permanent magnet in any inspection or gauging tool and records the time at which the tool passes underneath. These passage times are retrieved from the OnMark AGM System and entered into the final report as above ground reference positions. This effectively divides the pipeline up into shorter sections making feature location easier.


Because the OnMark AGM System records times of passages to be later correlated back to the internal clock in the Inspection System the accuracy of the clocks in both systems is very important. Both GPS synchronized units use the same highly accurate clock module which features a temperature compensated crystal to ensure, no matter the temperature, reliable results.


OnMark AGMs also record the latitude, longitude and elevation for each site using their onboard GPS receiver. The location information is then imported into Streamview for inclusion in the inspection report. This allows the marker location to be easily located months and even years down the road.


Employed in the design of the OnMark AGM System are advanced algorithms which allow the system to reliably distinguish between background noise and the real inspection tool passages. When the unit is switched on it closely monitors the magnetic fields in the vicinity. The unit then automatically adjusts its sensitivity to match the noise level of the surrounding environment. The unit even has the ability to determine if the location is unacceptable to record a passage and prompts to user to move to a more acceptable location.


Onstream Pipeline Inspection Ltd. was created in Calgary, Alberta in May 2005. Onstream set out with a mission to improve the services available for the Small Diameter Inline Inspection market. To fill this need Onstream created the Onstream Inspection System. The unit collects metal loss, inertial and geometry data in one survey.

The Onstream Inspection System has been designed using the latest technologies and high strength magnetic materials. From the 3-D modeling used for the mechanical design to the advanced high density miniature circuit boards used to acquire and store the pipeline data. The Onstream System employs some of the most innovative designs in the industry.

Onstream is committed to Customer Service. We will strive to accommodate our customers in every way possible in every stage of a project, from pre-job planning to support after final report delivery.

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